Jikishin Ju-Jitsu

Jikishin Ju-Jitsu

Additional Info

  • Business Name: Jikishin Ju-Jitsu
  • Contact Name: Lyle Marsden
  • Address: Bellarine Martial Arts Center, 5 Smithton Grove, Ocean Grove, VIC
  • Telephone: 0416 074 227
  • Email:
  • Website: jikishinjujitsu.com.au

Jikishin Ju Jitsu martial arts & self defence Ocean Grove are passionately involved with the promotion, teaching, coaching, and improvement of Ju Jitsu and Martial Arts. With a strong, dedicated and skilled line up of highly qualified and motivated coaches, we welcome those interested in learning Ju Jitsu as a new skill.

Self Defence

The Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Syllabus is designed to give each student the tools with which to defend themselves against a variety of attacks. The basis if the system is to build on a strong foundation of simple, effective and proven techniques, moving on as the student progresses, to a series of automatic responses to any attack.

What is Ju Jitsu?

"Ju Jitsu is a method of defence and offence without weapons in personal encounter. For many centuries in Japan it was practised as a military art together with fencing, archery and the use of the spear.

Ju Jitsu is not a contest of muscular strength. Nor is its prime purpose to damage or maim, but merely to incapacitate one's opponent for the time being by means of simple techniques and holds. Ju Jitsu techniques and holds can be very simple.

A thorough knowledge of them, gained only with constant practice, should develop in one a feeling of strong self-confidence. This confidence causes a Ju Jitsu expert to react almost instinctively in the event of sudden attack and to manoeuvre any situation to his or her own advantage".

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