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  • Business Name: Better Mobile Photos
  • Contact Name: Mike
  • Address: Geelong VIC 3220
  • Telephone: 0455238111
  • Email:
  • Website: bettermobilephotos.com.au

Thanks to today’s mobile phone technology, the power to capture memories of all the important moments in your life is in the palm of your hands, as modern camera technology makes quality photography more accessible than ever before.

But imagine your mobile phone photos made even better...

  • Beautiful images of all the times you want to remember forever.
  • Easy image enhancements to recreate the emotional power of what you see.
  • Business-related photos promoting your brand professionally and affordably.

I’m Mike James, the Founder of Better Mobile Photos and I offer practical, information-packed workshops that help you take better photos on your mobile phone or Tablet.

Better Mobile Photos show you how to turn happy snaps into WOW photos, thanks to the convenience of basic photography principles and editing apps.

At Better Mobile Photos, I teach you how to take quality photographs, without the expense or complexity of a dedicated camera.

Better Mobile Photos is about convenience and quality helping you capture the moments that matter, to create memorable photos you’ll want to post and share, or even print and preserve.

Have you ever showed someone a photograph you’ve taken, then had to explain that ‘the photograph just didn’t do it justice’? When those photos are of the things you love, you want other people to see the things the way you do – with pride.

Practical Mobile Photography Training

We offer practical, jargon-free hands-on training and workshops to help you capture all the important moments in your personal and professional life.

Don’t be confused by technical information you don’t need.

When you simply want to take Better Mobile Photos, our two-hour workshops help you do exactly that – fun, informal training that helps you get the best photo results on your Smartphone or Tablet.

With our training and support you will be able to:

  • Identify photo opportunities
  • Set up and capture a professional-quality photo
  • Understand lighting
  • Use available editing apps for easy photo enhancement

Choose from one-on-one training or the friendly environment of group learning at our convenient workshop locations:

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong

At Better Mobile Photos, our workshops are unique with photography and photo-editing training designed specifically for today’s technology.

No complicated lingo.

No expensive professional cameras required.

Call 0455238111 today!

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