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Elevation Business Services Elevation Business Services Elevation Business Services

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  • Business Name: Elevation Business Services
  • Contact Name: Renae Sholte
  • Address: Bannockburn
  • Telephone: 0411596023
  • Email:
  • Website: elevationbusiness.com

Access high-level, affordable business support. Broaden your audience and elevate your business.  

  • Free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Create time away from work to spend on the things you love.
  • Get your weekends back.
  • Have the luxury of multiple VA’s with multiple skills.
  • Get the things you need done fast.
  • The support you need when you need it for however long you need it.

About Us

Based in Geelong and Ballarat, our team of Virtual Assistants aim to support our client's business growth and improvement of quality of life by providing them with high quality, high-level support. We offer a range of services to enable them to 'get things done'. Elevation Business Services is essentially a collaboration; a vast number of high-level support services all within the one professional organisation.

Our Services

Elevation Business Services offer a range of high-level support options customisable to your business. Each of our Virtual Assistants are highly skilled professionals with a passion for strategising and assisting you in exceeding your business goals. Despite being based in Geelong and Ballarat, our Virtual Assistants can work 'virtually' anywhere!

PA Services

Our highly-skilled and experienced team are able to provide support tailored to your individual business needs. We can take care of your emails, calendar management, organisation, travel arrangements and all administration support.

Social Media Promotions

Are you looking for an integrated approach to keeping all of your social media accounts fresh and interesting? We can help you there. Our team can manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all social interactions so that you can be flexible with your time, whilst maximising your businesses exposure.

Website Creation

We can arrange basic yet functional websites for small businesses to start creating their digital footprint.

Copywriting and Web Content

If you're searching for high-quality content for your website or digital publication, our copywriters can provide this service to you. We specialise in articles, website content, product descriptions, blog posts and marketing material.    

Small Project Management

Our team have experience in project management and can assist your business in strategising and managing just about anything. Our staff are creative 'out of the box' thinkers who can bring a something new to your next project.

Small Business Advice

We understand that starting your own business can be a difficult and arduous task. Let us take you through the intricacies of running your own business and provide you with professional advice from the beginning, right up to growing your small business to the next level.

Newsletter Creation and Distribution

Our creative and professional writers can research, present and distribute your business newsletters on your behalf, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your business.

Spreadsheets and Data Entry

With an optimum level of efficency, we can create, modify and customise spreadsheets so that they work effectively for your business. Whether it be a one-off task or an ongoing challenge, we are upto it!

Event Planning

From venue selection, to ticketing, promotion and execution we've got your business event covered.


Do you need someone to check over something you've created to ensure that it's clear and makes sense?  Our fast turnaround means we will have it checked over and back to you in no time.


We are highly adept at taking a brief and locating information as required by our clients. Our staff can pinpoint what you are looking for and present it in a way that is easy and time saving for you.

Policy and Procedure Documents

In any business, it is imperative that it's policy and procedures are clearly noted. We can professionally prepare these documents with ease and customise them according to your business.

Work Health and Safety (WH & S)

It is paramount that every workplace have succinct guidelines in place that highlight the importance of workplace health and safety. We can assist with documentation and the implementation of such measures.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

Our team is able to manage your invoicing and accounts receivable with ease. By outsourcing these tasks to us, we can help you save time. We're also able to design customised templates for all of your invoicing.

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